overcomes the lottery of using the PostCode for Satellite Navigation.

When travelling to a new destination it's often the "Last Mile" which proves the most difficult and time consuming.

This is especially true when using the PostCode to Navigate to the location. PostCodes weren't designed for personal navigation, they were created 50 years ago to assist the sorting of mail into a delivery area. Typically a PostCode can refer to 1 address or 100+ addresses.

Utilising modern mapping technology, it's possible to find the exact location of any building entrance and extract the co-ordinates as Longitude and Latitude (Lat/Lng). This information can then be entered into a GPS enabled device (SatNav or mobile phone) to take the user directly, to the entrance of the building.

It's therefore surprising that there's not more adoption of the accurate Lat/Lng system for personal navigation, in preference to the typically inaccurate PostCode?

Having now viewed thousands of business web sites over the last year, our research has revealed that the majority of web sites, currently appear to add Location as an afterthought and mainly rely on the PostCode component of the address to provide location information whether in an address or on a Google map.

We've viewed many different examples of location information, including:

  • Displaying an address but no PostCode
  • Displaying an address which includes the PostCode
  • Displaying two Postcodes (one for the physical address and one because it's actually closer to the business premises)
  • Displaying an interactive map with no Marker Pin
  • Displaying an interactive map with the Marker Pin in the wrong location - sometimes in another country and occasionally on another continent
  • Displaying an interactive map with the Marker Pin at the PostCode location - which is not neccessarily the location of the business premises

and occasionally we'll view a location map which is using the correct Latitude/Logitude co-ordinates which provides an accurate Marker Pin position, above the entrance to the business premises.

Our conclusion from this research is that there's currently no set standard format for displaying location / inbound travel information on business web sites.

This lack of consistent location information and the reliance on the PostCode with its well known issues on accuracy, could well result in frustration and wasted time for the inbound visitor. can now provide an effective solution to this problem. Our To-Your-Door Travel Assistant provides accurate navigation information, together with essential contact, travel and accessibility information, in a consistent and multi platform format (laptop, pad, phone, PDF) which can be easily embeded on your web site's Contact or Location pages, together with incorporating it in your business's e-mail signatures.